A Little More about Water Propagations!

After my blog post about propagating in water yesterday, Emily made a short video to show off the growth on her current propagations in her Ikea greenhouse cabinet. **After we rewatched the video, we realized that she said the new leaves would grow on the nodes. She misspoke. The new roots will grow on theContinue reading “A Little More about Water Propagations!”

Growing New Plants through Water Propagation

Did you know that you can break off a piece of a plant and use the broken off piece to grow a new plant? Furthermore, it’s fairly easy to do! A few months ago, Emily cut off a few pieces from her Neon Pothos and Marble Pothos to share with me. She took the piecesContinue reading “Growing New Plants through Water Propagation”

My Brother’s Cacti Collection

For years, I teased my brother (Ben) about his houseplant addiction. After getting a few houseplants, I seem to have caught the bug! Sorry for harassing you, Ben! Ben has an amazing #cacti collection. He started collecting several years ago, before the houseplant trend and got to up to over 300 plants. His cacti are currently housedContinue reading “My Brother’s Cacti Collection”

Pilea peperomioide

Pilea peperomioide aka Chinese money plant, UFO plant, or “the plant that makes babies to share” according to Laura’s kiddos. One of the easiest starter plants for any beginner plant lover (or anyone who just needs green). Keep in a bright spot, well draining soil (add perlite to potting soil), water once a week onlyContinue reading “Pilea peperomioide”