About Us

Hello! Thanks for Visiting Trowels + Dirt!

We are Emily and Laura and we are so glad that you’re here! We are two Michigan gals who love the outdoors and gardening.

Emily is an ad exec by day and a dog (Jovie aka JoJo) and plant mom by night (let’s face it, since COVID hit, she is probably staring dreamily at her plants all day long). She has an affinity for touching plant leaves, German Shepherds, and never sitting still. Emily regularly hits 15k on her FitBit. Emily has dedicated binders and tags for all of her plant babies.

Laura is a mom to 4 year-old twins, Frankie and Emma, and a 6 year-old daughter, Charlotte. She teaches elementary school part-time (virtually these days) and loves the outdoors. Laura is also mother to a crazy Brittany, two domestic shorthair cats, 12 fish, and four snails. Laura typically goes with the flow (as much as she can be with little kids) and loves adventures. Laura tends to buy plants that she thinks looks cool and figures out how to take care of them later. She is good at keeping them alive, but not as great at keeping them organized.

Our idea for a Blog and Instagram page came to us over a game of Catan (our favorite game) while we were talking about our plants. We live in Michigan, so both our indoor and outdoor plant collections are constantly growing and evolving. We are here to talk about plants, keep it real, and take you on our plant adventures with us!

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