Pilea peperomioide

Pilea peperomioide aka Chinese money plant, UFO plant, or “the plant that makes babies to share” according to Laura’s kiddos.

One of the easiest starter plants for any beginner plant lover (or anyone who just needs green). Keep in a bright spot, well draining soil (add perlite to potting soil), water once a week only when the soil gets dry and watch it push our new leaves all the time.

And you may be wondering what those little offshoots at the bottom are—- they are pups (or babies). Wait for them to grow, then remove it from the plant to make another. Emma, Laura’s 4 year old, has been begging Emily to share. We just had to wait for it to be big enough on its own. In the second photo, Emma is proudly holding up her new baby, and maybe in a few months she’ll be able to share with her siblings.


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