My Brother’s Cacti Collection

For years, I teased my brother (Ben) about his houseplant addiction. After getting a few houseplants, I seem to have caught the bug! Sorry for harassing you, Ben!

Ben has an amazing #cacti collection. He started collecting several years ago, before the houseplant trend and got to up to over 300 plants. His cacti are currently housed with at my parents’ house since he is in the process of moving and prepping for a new baby. Each time we go over to visit my parents, my kids have to go “visit Uncle Ben’s cactuses.” Charlotte (6) would have her own collection of prickly friends if I would let her!

Aside from the prickly nature of cacti, if you have a sunny spot in your home, they are a fairly low maintenance plant. They do not require much water at all during winter months. From Spring through fall, they need to be watered more frequently.


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