A Little More about Water Propagations!

After my blog post about propagating in water yesterday, Emily made a short video to show off the growth on her current propagations in her Ikea greenhouse cabinet. **After we rewatched the video, we realized that she said the new leaves would grow on the nodes. She misspoke. The new roots will grow on theContinue reading “A Little More about Water Propagations!”

Hi! Thanks for Visiting Trowels + Dirt!

Emily is an ad-exec by day and a dog and plant mom by night (although, since she started working from home, she probably gazes at her dog and plants all day long). Emily loves her German Shepherd, Jovie (aka JoJo). Laura is a mom to 4 year-old twins, Frankie and Emma, and a 6 year-oldContinue reading “Hi! Thanks for Visiting Trowels + Dirt!”