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Emily is an ad-exec by day and a dog and plant mom by night (although, since she started working from home, she probably gazes at her dog and plants all day long). Emily loves her German Shepherd, Jovie (aka JoJo).

Laura is a mom to 4 year-old twins, Frankie and Emma, and a 6 year-old daughter, Charlotte. She teaches elementary school part-time (virtually these days) and loves the outdoors. Laura is also mother to a crazy Brittany (Murray), two domestic shorthair cats (Oscar & Tipsy), 12 fish, and four snails.

Our idea for a Blog and Instagram page came to us over a game of Catan (our favorite game) while we were talking about our plants. We live in Michigan, so both our indoor and outdoor plant collections are constantly growing and evolving. We are here to talk about plants, keep it real, and take you on our plant adventures with us!


Welcome to Trowels + Dirt

Do you like to watch things grow?

Have you ever wanted to try new gardening techniques?

Do you like to garden?

Do you have indoor plants?

Do you want to start gardening, but don’t know where to start?

If you said yes to any of the question above, you are in the right spot! We are two Michigan best friends who love to grow things; especially flowers, plants, and vegetables. We love being outdoors and we don’t mind getting dirty (we actually prefer it). We are not master gardeners, but we are pretty good at making things grow. Follow us to come along on our gardening adventures!

A Swallowtail caterpillar devouring Laura’s driveway dill.
Laura’s Christmas present from Emily