What Supplies Do You Need to Start Seeds?

Recently, we received a message from someone who has been following our Instagram feed who told us that she would like to try starting her own seeds this year and wanted to know what she needs to get started. Emily and I figured that a lot of people are probably in the same boat. Below, we have compiled a list of supplies that you may want to have to get started.

Last year was my first year starting a lot of seeds. I did not have nearly as elaborate of a set-up as Emily, and my seed sewing started to take over my kitchen. My family ended up eating in the dining room, so I did not have to keep moving my new plants back and forth. I was SO excited to get the plants out of my house and into the ground. This year, I ordered a grated metal shelf.

Another lesson that I learned is that I want to use trays. As evidence below, I used yogurt cups and empty milk gallons last year. The yogurt cups were fine, but Grow trays are much more compact and will keep your seedlings more compact and organized. I would not recommend using Milk Containers like I did. It was too difficult to get my seedlings out . I ended up planting the whole chunk of soil as one big plant, which caused my plants to not have enough room to grow.

Emily uses a room in her basement. Every time that I went to her house, she would just mutter to herself, “I have a lot going on!” She really did have a lot going on and has plans to have even more going on this year!

The list is a combination of items that Emily and I find necessary. They are divided by “Imperative” and “Makes Life Easier.” Emily and I are not Amazon sponsored. It is just an easy link to share with products we have used. We always love supporting our local nurseries and have also purchased many things locally.


Makes Life Easier

Did we forget anything? Feel free to comment below!

In our next blog post, we are going to show you how to figure out which seeds needs to start when. We will even share Emily’s spreadsheet with you. Stay tuned!


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